What you need to build a complete APEX platform at a very low cost to help you start with ORACLE APEX…

I am happy to share with everyone the slides I prepared and presented in our APEX Meetup in Calgary AB. Canada on Feb 25th, 2016.
The topics are about 

  • What you want
  • What you need 
  • How you build
  • How you succeed


The audience is the individual that is just starting with APEX or those ones that are going 'solo' and no longer have the luxury of a company to help support and maintain a platform.

The focus is to help you establish a solid, complete, consistent and repeatable platform in which you can develop on it without all the headaches..

The slides will help you go zero to hero as it provides all steps to build that platform you need..

This is the build list

  • Setup SSH
  • Add missing components
  • Server Setup (mail, ntp, time zone, Java)
  • OXAR Installation
  • SSL Configuration
  • Secure the server
  • Backups

and I provided a copy/paste approach to get you going in a matter of minutes instead of hours...

I hope you enjoy the material and find it useful.

Let me know if you have any feedback..

Gaspar G.


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