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APEX on VirtualBox VM - that easy!

  One sure way to get you started on APEX is by joining and that works fine.. but if your Internet connection is not fast or just feel like doing local tire-kicking then you should seriously consider using Oracle Xe + APEX on your PC  but, if you're like me and just want something already working with zero configuration/installation then you can look at downloading Oracle VirtualBox and install the Oracle DB Developer VM image that has a fully functional 12c Database + APEX 5 already configured and ready to go!
Summary of options:
  1. Sign up at
  2. Download Oracle Xe and APEX and install locally
  3. Download Oracle DB Developer VM Virtualbox 
Note: has a great article on how to handle an automatic build of Oracle Xe + APEX, check the github repository for details.
Something worth noting about using APEX on Oracle DB Developer VM:
  • Installation scripts of APEX are missing..
  • Version 5.0 installed, need to upgrade to 5.0.2
  • No Admin password..
  • Database Tablespace holding the OBE workspace is limited to 50MB..
  • Oracle Database is configured to use 300MB of Memory..
So, although this combo of Virtualbox + Oracle DB Developer VM works fine it does need some fine tuning to help you make it better..
I will blog more about on how and what to change to make it more usable.
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